How does aging affect facial volume?

Over time, our skin’s natural collagen production starts to slow down. Thinning of fat pads in the face, bone structure changes and a decline in hyaluronic acid can lead to volume loss; altering our facial contours.

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Where can we expect volume loss?

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As we age and volume loss occurs, lips begin to appear thinner. The contour becomes less defined and lips can appear smaller.


Volume loss in the cheeks can lead to a more sunken or hollow appearance. As the contour begins to fade, cheeks may sit lower, thus, looking more aged.

The Chin

What about the chin? With a reduction in volume in the chin area as we age, the chin can appear less defined and imbalance the lower facial region.

Nasolabial Folds

The volume in the nasolabial area decreases overtime, making folds more pronounced. This can cause the face, to look more aged and tired.


Aging causes a loss of definition in the jawline causing the contour to become less sharp, and develop jowls. This can be improved with volume.

Tear Troughs

The tear troughs deepen due to volume loss and thinning skin. This can encourage a hollow, appearance under the eyes.

Cheeks can become less pronounced with age

and volume loss.

Lips can appear flatter and thinner with age.

Tear troughs can appear hollow with age.

Nasolabial folds can appear deeper with age.

Jawline definition begins to decrease with age

skin appears loose.

The chin can appear smaller and recessed

from volume loss with age.

Forehead lines can become more

prominent with age.

Volume loss can make the temples

look hollow with age.

Addressing Volume Loss

Volume Changes

As aging occurs, we experience changes in facial volume that can affect the appearance of facial harmonies. At Artistic Aesthetics, we’re focused on helping you look your best.

About Volume Loss and Contouring

Frequently Asked Questions

As we age and our collagen production begins to slow, we begin to experience volume loss in the face. This is accompanied by changes in fat pads and bone density. These lifestyle factors can also influence facial volume and contouring.

At Artistic Aesthetics, we offer a range of skin rejuvenation treatments and cosmetic enhancements that can assist with reducing the appearance of volume loss. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

There are several areas which can be prone to volume loss on the face. Commonly treated areas include the cheeks, temples, under-eye hollows, lips, and nasolabial folds.

During a consultation with a doctor or registered nurse, you can expect to discuss your medical history and any underlying conditions before then discussing your cosmetic concerns.

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